Myths About Windshield Chip Repairs

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  • Chip repairs make the chip invisible

False: Chip repairs are designed to stop chips from spreading into full blown cracks. Although repairs will diminish the chip greatly, it will still be visible and will become more visible over the years as the repair ages and weathers.

  • Long cracks can be repaired just like chips

False: In order to keep a crack from spreading, the resin must be injected into the damaged area and it must reach the end of the cracks. This resin will not spread out farther than about 1 inch. This is why we have the "Quarter Rule". Chips and cracks must be smaller than a quarter to qualify for repair. Larger damage falls into the replacement category.

  • It is OK to fix a chip in the driver's line of vision

False: Since chip repairs don't become invisible, a repair would cause a visibility issue for the driver. Nobody would be happy if a driver crashed because of a distraction from the blurry spot on the windshield. It is also unethical for glass companies to fix chips if they are in the drivers view.

  • Nothing can go wrong during a chip repair?

False: We are there to try and save an already damaged windshield and pressure is applied to the glass so there is always a small chance that the chip could spread during the repair or after the repair is completed. We do however offer a lifetime guarantee that the repair will hold or there is either no charge for the attempt or the cost of the chip repair can be applied toward a new windshield if it fails down the road.

We provide windshield chip repair in Austin, Round Rock, TX areas including surrounding communities. If you have a chip in your windshield, we can help. Even little cracks can be fixed if they are small enough. We pride ourselves on being Austin's favorite crack repair mobile service. Choose us and be assured you receive the best service in Austin. Repairs are only $99 and we come to you.

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  • Chip Repairs Are Usually Free Through Your Insurance
  • Chips Must Be Smaller Than A Quarter
  • Chips must be outside the drivers line of vision (red box)

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